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Founded in 2008, the Mask Line GMBH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of high-quality infection control, single-use, and preventive products for the medical, dental, industrial, veterinary, laboratory and health and beauty markets. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, the company has operations in 50 countries, 8 fully controlled manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, and sales in over 95 countries. Mask Line GmbH is dedicated to making the world safer and healthier by using carefully selected materials, state-of-the-art technology, and continuous innovation to provide protection that healthcare professionals can count on.

We design, manufacture & supply disposable standard medical and surgical face masks that meet the highest industry standards for bacterial filtration efficiency BFE (> 98%). Our 3-ply & N95, latex-free, hypoallergenic, surgical mouth masks are available in a range of colors. We produce the Classic Surgical Face Masks, Xtra Comfort Surgical Face Mask, and the Anti-Splash Surgical Mouth Masks.

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  • For orders that are greater than or equal to $200 USD, standard shipping is free, regardless of global destination.

  • For orders less than USD 200, Standard shipping costs a flat rate of $4.99 USD (worldwide)

  • For orders, less than USD 300, USPS shipping costs a flat rate of $8.99 USD (only US orders)

  • EU countries free shipping 

  • Canada free shipping

Mask Line GMBH is one of the leading disposable surgical masks manufacturers in the EU and specializes in surgical mask designs and manufacturing. The disposable surgical masks offer protection from both airborne and body fluid contaminants application in a wide range of workplaces, such as hospitals, offices, clinics, and more.

Our disposable surgical masks are made of nonwoven material and will reduce the spread of bacteria. Apart from protecting the wearer from splashes in the mouth with body fluids. Another benefit of the surgical mask is to remind the wearer not to touch his face. The disposable surgical mask will trap some particles but is much less effective than a mask designed for this purpose. About this, you can browse the web page on N95 particulate masks and respirator masks.

What is the difference between surgical masks and respirators?

The surgical masks are a loose-fitting disposable mask that covers your nose and mouth and offers protection from both airborne and body fluid contaminants, such as medical procedure masks, isolation masks, layer masks. And the respirators are personal protective equipment designed to reduce exposure to airborne contaminants.

Superching offers a series of the disposable surgical mask including:

  • 3 ply tie on the type.

  • 3 ply ear loop with carbon.

  • 3 ply with printing on the mask ear loop type.

  • 3 ply with 2 elastic bands.

  • Tie on the type.

Thank you so much for visiting!We are glad you chose to shop with us. We specialize in high-quality black medical and surgical face masks that have no hidden costs, we don't charge sales tax and we provide free worldwide shipping to all orders over $ 200.

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Even though we an international company, we are 100% legal to ship anywhere in the world, your order arrives on your doorstep with no hassle.

USA orders ships from our Delaware Warehouse




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Black Medical Masks

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