Baby Thermometer Watch

Baby Thermometer Watch


most of the time, baby is ill but can't express himself.

So you need this product, a thermometer that can connect with your mobile app, it can stay in your baby's hands without any burden, and provide you with the latest temperature data anytime, anywhere, so that you can feel more at ease!

This Intelligent thermometer is a kind of intelligent product for measuring children's body temperature. It combines Bluetooth ble4.0 and NTC technology, and is used together with mobile app.

Its main function is to test the temperature of children when they have a fever, test the current ambient temperature, continuously monitor the temperature of children when they have a fever, draw a table and record it in the app, and alarm when they have a fever.

Compared with the traditional mercury thermometer, it has the following intelligent parts: it can continuously monitor the temperature of children when they have a fever, record and draw a table, and can understand the temperature of children in detail, and provide some auxiliary functions for children to seek medical treatment. In addition, it has a high temperature alarm function. When the child has a fever that exceeds the set temperature, the app will send an alarm to facilitate timely processing and prevent the child from being in a high temperature state for a long time to avoid adverse consequences. Some of the above functions are not available in the traditional mercury thermometer.



this non professional medical equipment cannot be used as a medical standard, which is an auxiliary reference equipment.


Function introduction:

——Test current temperature

——Test current ambient temperature

——Continuous temperature measurement

——Historical temperature record

——High temperature alarm



Main users: children (0-7-year-old children) adults can also use

Temperature measurement range: - 20 ℃ - + 50 ℃

Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃ (32 ℃ - 42 ℃)

Environmental temperature measurement accuracy: ± 1 ℃ (- 20 ℃ - + 50 ℃)

Product parameters

Main control chip: amiccom a8105

Bluetooth version: ble4.0

Temperature sensor: high quality NTC sensor

Display: LCD

Temperature accuracy: ± 0.1 (32 ℃ - 42 ℃)

Standby time: 12 months

Test time: 8-10 minutes to reach the accurate temperature value

Strap: high quality silicone material length 22.5cm

Strap extension: high quality silicone material length 22.5cm

Gross weight of single machine: 110g

Net weight of single machine: 21g












——Material safety and reliability

——Intelligent temperature measurement, more efficient

——Body temperature alarm function, make you more at ease

——Small size, no burden for baby

——Spend a small amount of money to give children a health guarantee

Package Included:

1X intelligent thermometer

1X instructions(English version)

    $19.99 Regular Price
    $15.99Sale Price



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