Hair Vitamin Capsules

Hair Vitamin Capsules

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hair care after dyeing, with the strongest fragrance (suitable for hot dyeing and stiff hair); Morocco oil and triple care formula formulated to nourish dyed hair, care about dyeing dull hair or sun exposure to damage hair, so that dyed hair to maintain a bright color. Hair feels soft and is easy to comb, and the color lasts longer


deep repair damaged hair, daily care hair soft and smooth as silk (suitable for dry hair, not for oily hair), Moroccan oil, jojoba oil, maintenance department A, C, E, vitamin b-5 nourishing repair fragile and coarse hair, the hair will be more healthy, strong as a silk-smooth, soft hand


normal hair care to keep the hair smooth and shiny (suitable for dry, dull and normal hair); Indonesian origin Morocco oil, jojoba oil, sustenance A, C, E, vitamin b-5 care formulated and maintained hair moisture, hair feel more soft and shiny easy to take care of looks radiant


Sevich hair vitamin with MOROCCAN OIL and GINSENG&HONEY OIL, Vitamin A, C, E & Pro Vit B5 nourishes, protects, and provides care for your brittle and rough hair. Hair feels healthier, shiny, and easy to manage.


Sevich hair vitamin with MOROCCAN OIL, Candle Nut and Aloe Vera Oil, Vitamin A, C, E & Pro Vit B5 enhances shine to your black hair, nourishes it and protects your hair from sun damage. Hair feels healthier, shiny and easy to manage.


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