Laser Therapy Watch

Laser Therapy Watch

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Laser Therapy Watch improves the oxygen-carrying capacity and deformability of red blood cells, decreasing blood viscosity, reducing blood fat, reducing blood pressure and improving blood sugar, and eventually achieving the goal of hypertension care.

Normalizes Blood Pressure

Laser therapy has been shown to normalizes blood pressure and blood circulation — helping you reduce your blood pressure without consuming medicines

Lower Blood Sugar

Low-intensity laser therapy purifies the blood so that the blood sugar and total cholesterol reduced and the insulin secretion back to a normal level.

Lower Blood Lipids

Laser therapy helps to increasing oxygen amount in the blood, boosting metabolism and enhancing the lipid peroxidation process to reduce cholesterol in the vessels.

Effectively Normalizes Your Blood Pressure.

The scientifically validated Laser Therapy Watch helps normalize high blood pressure. Perfect for heart attack patients, obese patients, smokers, alcoholics, older adults who want to naturally & effectively normalize their elevated blood pressure, it is the ideal cure!

The Function mechanism
Adopting 650NM laser noninvasive irradiation on the damaged nasal tissue. To activate and repairs mucosal cells, speed the local blood circulation and help to absorb inflammatory exudation and edema, Fundamentally improve itself immunity and detoxification and metabolism to treat the kinds of rhinitis diseases.


Semiconductor laser treatment instrument applies to the treatment of hyperviscosemia, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular ischemic diseases, and rhinitis.
Allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, nasosinusitis, atrophic rhinitis, otitis media, tinnitus, chronic pharyngitis.
Adjutant therapy to lower blood viscosity, reduce blood fat and cardiovascular diseases.

Preparations before usage:

1. Preparations before using it for the first time

Ensure whether the usage of accessories explained well according to this instruction

There is a lithium battery in this instrument. You need to charge the battery before using it. If the battery doesn't need to be charged any more, the screen will show you this information.

2. Precautions when charging

In order to protect the lithium battery, please use the original power adapter for Charging.

Low battery indicator

When the battery is low, this instrument will ring twice the alarm and its screen will display the information of low battery. Please turn off this instrument and change for another battery or charge the battery. (If the instrument isn't turned off in time, it will turn off itself in 10 seconds.)

3. Connection

Put the laser treatment output plug into the socket as shown below.

4. Installation of a therapeutic head

Before lasing, put a light guide plug on the therapeutic head as shown, and then put the therapeutic head into the nasal cavity.


Control panel operation:

1. The operation of the control panel

Starting up / Shutdown

Starting up: push the "on / off" button, it gives out an opening tone.

The instrument is turned on. There is the standby interface on the display screen.

Shutdown: push the "on / off" button for three seconds at any time. Timing control

Continuously press the "timing/alarm" button to set the treatment time, each push prolongs 10 minutes, and the maximum duration is 60 minutes. Repeatedly push the timing button, time displays in the pattern of circular loops.

The treatment time can be 10 - 60 minutes. A 30-minute treatment is generally recommended, 15 minutes for each nasal cavity. The timing mode is a countdown. The instrument is in standby mode after giving out a warning tone when time is over. If one does not continue to use it, it will automatically shut down.

2.Operation for adjusting laser power:

Choose to irradiate the wrist or nasal cavity alternately by pushing the "switching" button, or to irradiate both of them simultaneously.

In the case of standby interface or treatment interface, push "on-off/timing" to enter the time setting interface. It can be standby for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30minutes.....

Switch function: it starts to work after setting the time, at this time, you can also push the "switching" button to choose to irradiate the wrist or nasal cavity alternately by pushing the "switching" button, or to irradiate both of them simultaneously.

Mode selection: choose different irradiation modes in the working state. There are two irradiation mode, pulse irradiation, and continuous irradiation.

3.The function of automatically starting up and shutdown:

There is no keyboard or treatment for starting up, the value of laser power, low-frequency intensity, and timing is 0. The display screen will automatically shut down if there is no operation in 10 minutes, without influencing treatment. Then, push any button to turn on the display screen. Notes: the definition of "long push" and "short push" in the instructions: long push means more than 2 seconds; short push means less than 1 second.


Instructions for use:

Laser irradiation treatment

(1) Before the irradiation treatment, place the light nose-plug outside the laser treatment head, then put the treatment head into the nasal cavity, push the "switching" button or "mode" button to adjust. Patients can choose the suitable power according to habitus.

(2) Continuously push the "timing/alarm" button to set the treatment time. The treatment time can be 10 ~ 60 minutes. A 30-minute treatment is generally recommended, 15 minutes for each nasal cavity. The instrument gives out a buzzing sound when it finishes irradiation, showing the end of treatment. It automatically cut off the laser output, entering the standby state.

(3) Course of treatment: once a day, no time limit (generally, irradiation treatment in the evening is recommended), 7-10 days is one course, and the interval between therapeutic courses is 5-7 days.

(4) Put the treatment head into the nostril to irradiate the nasal cavity, place the wire around ears to prevent


The following conditions are strictly prohibited; pregnancy, cancer, hemorrhage diseases.
The person who suffers acute myocardium infarction, stroke, or diseases with a hemorrhagic tendency is forbidden to use this instrument.
Keep the laser away from the pupil area when the laser radiates.

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